City 7

The United States government fell in the early years of the 21st century. Even in the Agency heavy environment of the post 9-11 era, a simple virus destroyed everything in a matter of months. With the emergence of the Inferipedes Virus (IPV) the CDC, WHO, and a myriad of other agencies failed to do little more than slow its spread. Commonly referred to as the Horsemensí Plague, IPV targeted the central nervous system (CNS), causing extreme headaches, vomiting, an inability to eat any cooked foods, violent rages, and finally death. However the horror of the disease was far from over. Within 5 hours of death, IPV would cause the CNS to back-fire causing the victim to return to a macabre semblance of life. The scientific community was stunned as IPV not only revived the host, but was able to sustain its condition, converting it into the perfect mobile carrier, the virus spreading through direct blood contact and the saliva of a bite.

Original outbreaks in the United States occurred along the East Coast, leading to theories that it came over the Atlantic. An incubation rate of five days from infection to death/unlife, made the Quarantine zones unpredictable and dangerous, as well as hard to contain. The Horsemensí Plague took a little over a month to work its way into the Midwest, where massive cases in several Midwest cities turned the outbreak into an uncontrollable wildfire. Riots ripped through cities, as military and police forces were called in to hold back the hordes of undead. Fuel-air and napalm carpet bombing targeted at the heart of the infection zones, rendered most of the middle of the country to scorched wasteland. Satellite communications failed, followed closely by large power-outages, and final the few remaining operational television news stations stopped transmitting. Soldiers, doctors, and police officers abandoned the quarantine barriers, as they became harder and harder to maintain and casualties skyrocketed.

What was left of the Presidential Cabinet went into hiding, and citizens were left to defend their homes with whatever weapons they could find. H.A.V.O.C. teams were formed by what remained of local law enforcement officers, military men and women, and those willing to learn the warriorís life. As cities were cleansed, and their borders fortified, communication and trade was reestablished. Those that choose to formed a new government. Adopting numbers to replace their original names, each number giving them a place in order of when they joined. From the ashes of a Greek based Democracy lost to plague re-emerged the ideas of City-states, and so the 13 Cities were founded.

This is what our world has become, 13 Islands lost in a sea of nuclear winds and plague driven zombies. Itís a cold cruel world, but itís our world.